Green Waste Pickup

Go ahead and fill up your green waste cart with the following materials… grass, leaves, weeds, brush, pine needles, branches, unpainted wood (no nails), untreated wood (no nails), etc.

Load up your 68 gallon cart, but make sure the lid can close. Please do not overfill or pack your cart so tightly that material won’t fall out.

Green Waste Cart

Please do not add trash to your cart. We have to say “No, thank you” to the following materials: dirt, rocks, paper, plastic, Styrofoam, food, sheetrock, metal, painted wood, treated wood, or stained wood.

Green waste carts cannot handle tree limbs or wood scraps over three feet long or more than one foot wide. If you are not sure of what can and cannot be recycled via the green waste program, please call us at 725-5156.

Thank you for keeping the green waste program growing. The materials we collect are transported to Scotia for use in their biomass power plant. Green waste reused in this fashion helps to create energy for Humboldt County.

Green waste carts will be emptied by Eel River Disposal every other week, on the dates listed here.


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